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Cordi’s Feed and Seed – How To – Edible Bikini’s and Panties

Animal Farm Exclusive!!! May 27, 2009

Edible Bikini’s or Panties

  • Blender or a food processor.

  • Baking sheets

  • Wax paper/saran wrap

  • Fruit

  • Sugar

  • Lemon Juice

  • Patterns

  • Scissors or sharp knife

  • Storage bag

  • Water

  • Many kinds of fresh fruit work well for leather; simply wash them, dry well, remove any blemishes, and peel if desired before pureeing (chunk larger fruits before pureeing to speed the process).

Some fruits need pre-treatment to prevent discoloration and flavor loss; these include apples, apricots, peaches, and pears. The easiest is a dip in lemon juice (other citrus juices will work too, if you’d like to experiment with flavor combinations). Don’t soak the fruit for a long period — 30-45 minutes is the absolute maximum I recommend. The longer they soak, the longer the drying time will be; a 5-minute dip is more than sufficient.

Frozen fruits also work well; in fact, freezing and thawing some fruits improves them for use in fruit leather. If a frozen fruit is especially juicy, you may wish to drain off some of the excess juice before proceeding — you can keep it in if you wish, but doing so will extend the drying time.

Fruit suggestions:

  • Apple — apple pie leather (using cinnamon and nutmeg); apple-maple; apple-pear. Extremely versatile, and blends well with other fruits. Pretreatment essential if you don’t want disgusting-colored leather. If you make your own applesauce, blend different varieties of apples for nice flavors, then make your leathers. Spices to consider: cardamom; cinnamon; cloves; nutmeg.

  • Banana — best used in blends with other fruit, especially berries or tart fruit. A bit of lemon juice will help stop discoloration. Strawberry-banana, raspberry-banana, orange-pineapple-banana (yummy with or without coconut) are some good combinations. Nutmeg’s a nice addition to some banana-blend leathers.

  • Blueberry — defrosted frozen berries work very well. Wonderful in many combinations — blueberry-lime is one. Cinnamon is an excellent spice to add to blueberry leathers.

  • Cantaloupe

  • Cherry

  • Peach — fresh is best (but that’s always the case with this wonderful fruit). Frozen fruit works very well, too. Peach-strawberry, peach-cherry! Add cinnamon or nutmeg (both if you wish), or cardamom.

  • Pumpkin — pumpkin pie leather! Or pumpkin-apple leather. Allspice, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg — pumpkin stands up well to assertive spicing (but remember, flavors will concentrate so don’t go overboard).

  • Raspberry — highly versatile gems, these are great alone or in combinations. Try them with cranberries, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, or apples — or be even more daring and blend three fruits. Orange juice is a nice liquid addition (which may be necessary if using fresh fruit; it’s unlikely you’ll need it with thawed frozen raspberries). For extra zing, add a touch of cinnamon.

  • Strawberry – another fruit workhorse. As with raspberries, thawed fruit have more juice than fresh. Try strawberry-rhubarb leather; or pair with banana, cranberry, blueberry, peach, or raspberry.

  • For more adult-flavored fruit leathers, small amounts of fruit brandy or liqueurs (or nut liqueurs) can be added to the puree. Or, for a more subtle adult kick, reduce a decent red wine and add it to raspberry, strawberry, cherry, or pear purees. (To reduce a wine, simply boil it down to a concentrated syrup, stirring occasionally.)

  • One can probably do the same thing with white wines — Chablis would be a nice addition to many fruit purees. (I don’t think most wines would combine well with acidic fruits, such as citrus and cranberry, as the flavors could compete.) Dry wines would probably work better with sweet fruits, and sweeter wines would complement more tart fruits.

  • Consider combining unflavored (or vanilla) yogurt with a fruit puree for an even more nutritious snack. This could take much longer to dry, depending upon how much yogurt you add. Storage is the same as for fruit leather.

FYI on some Fruits

  • Citrus fruits — These are too juicy and don’t have enough substance to work on their own, but the juice and/or pulp can be added to other fruits with delicious results. Cranberry and orange are a very nice combination; lemon gives a nice zing to many sweet fruits.

  • Coconut – not substantial enough on its own, but makes a good sweetener/bulking addition to other fruits. Or, sprinkle it on the top for a nice variation. If you’re working with fresh coconut, don’t forget to save and use the milk too!

  • Cranberry – Freezing them first softens them, and helps release the scant liquid they contain; even so, you’ll need to add additional liquid, and a hefty amount of sweetener to make cranberry leather palatable to most people. Or, they can be cooked (12 oz. berries, 1/2 C sugar, and 1/2 C fresh orange juice is a good jump-off recipe) until the berries all pop. More liquid may be required after cooking to get the proper consistency for making leather. They yield a quite lumpy leather unless you remove at least some of the seeds and skins. Applesauce is a natural, easy addition for a tasty blend that also provides the liquid cranberries need. Think of all the cranberry blend juice drinks available if you need further inspiration. Cinnamon, cloves, or allspice are yummy spices with cranberries.

How to Make Edible Underwear

Making your own edible underwear is a tasty way to add a little romance to your evening. It tastes better than the store-bought variety, and it won’t turn your teeth colors. You must prepare your edible underwear a day or two in advance so they’re ready for your romantic evening.

Make Fruit Leather

  • Core, peel and slice several pounds of red apples and place them in a large stock pot.

  • Add 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar to the pot. Cover and boil until it resembles apple sauce. (Or you can omit these steps and just start out with a jar of applesauce ). Brown sugar, honey, and maple syrup are other good sweeteners that add their own nice flavors — but do use genuine maple syrup, not the fake crap. Keep in mind that all flavors will concentrate as the fruit puree dries into leather, so use a light touch with all additional flavorings.

  • Reduce the heat and simmer another 45 minutes.

Spray your baking sheets with cooking spray and spread the fruit puree as evenly as possibly on the trays, to between 1/4 and 3/8 of an inch thick. Waxed paper won’t work to line your baking sheets with, so just put a very light coating of nonstick cooking spray on your sheets. Try to stay away from anything that is aluminum, because it is far too reactive for the leather

You can make your own non stick spray by just putting your olive or veggie oil into a spray bottle, adding just a dash of water to it. This will help the leather to release easily, w/o any tearing.

  • Place the baking sheets in a 140- to 150-degree oven (or as low as your oven will go). It takes 10 to 12 hours to dry the fruit leather for your edible underwear.

  • Drying times vary widely, depending upon the liquid content of the puree, the thickness of the puree on the trays, and temperature. Begin checking the leather after 2-3 hours.

When there are no tacky spots, the leather is dried. Remove from the tray while warm. You can gently lay them on waxed paper or plastic wrap now, after they are cool, fold them so they will fit in zip lock baggies if you want to store them for use at a different time.

Storage: at room temperature (in a dark place) — three weeks
Refrigerated — three months
Freezer — twelve months

If you’re ready to make your edibles: Lay out your fruit leather on plastic wrap or wax paper to prevent it from sticking to your countertops. Lay another piece of plastic wrap/wax paper over the top to keep it clean until your ready cut it. Think Fruit Roll-up!

Cut Your Pattern

  • Lay your underwear/bikini top pattern out over you apple leather and cut it out using the paper as a guide. I lay the pattern on top of the top sheet of wax paper and just cut through the wax paper as I go.

  • Cut your pattern out of the apple leather using the paper as a guide.

  • Line up your underwear pieces and use the pointed end of a chopstick to poke holes in both sides of the edible underwear.

  • Weave licorice through the holes in the edible underwear to “sew” it together.

You can find underwear patterns at your local fabric store.

Add 1/2 an inch to your underwear pattern as there isn’t a lot of stretch in apple leather.

Crafty Knitted Edible Undies

Like all fine lingerie, these panties are very delicate. Knit gently. If you need your L-string to last longer than a few hours before use, you will need to keep the panties moist.  This can be accomplished by wrapping the panties in plastic, or for extended storage needs, spraying with a vegetable oil spray and then wrapping.


Licorice laces, how much you’ll need depends on your size.

1 set of chopsticks


7 sts = 5 inches and 7 rows = 4″ in stockinette stitch


Using backwards loop method, CO 3 sts.
Beg with a RS row, work in St st for 4 rows.
CO 1 st at beg of next two rows. [5 sts]
Work even for 3 rows.
CO 1 st at beg of next 2 rows. [7 sts]
Work even for 3 rows.  Do not BO.


For back string, cut [or tie, as necessary] a strand to double the needed length to give your desired rise measurement.
Thread strand through center st at CO edge of panties and knot ends.  This gives you a double strand for the back string portion.
Cut [or tie] double strand to desired waist measurement plus 6-8 inches.  Slip sts onto double strand, and then thread double strand under knot in back string.
Tie to desired waist measurement.

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