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“Modern Warfare 2″ footage of crowds of civilians getting killed by the player

Possible SPOILERS, first of all.

Secondly: what you see above may be a leaked gameplay video from Modern Warfare 2. We’re currently awaiting comment from both Infinity Ward’s PR guys and the community manager, Robert Bowling. Before one gets one’s panties in a twist about the subject matter, do keep in mind that this could be fake.

If it isn’t, however, you’re evidently looking at footage of a Modern Warfare 2 level in which the player is put in the shoes of a terrorist. A terrorist who, evidently, is part of a group of other terrorists who have stormed an airport and begun shooting civilians haphazardly.

This would not be particularly noteworthy were it not for the fact that, judging from the video, the player has absolutely no one to shoot at except for civilians for at least the first four to five minutes of the level. This scene was hinted at in the game’s early trailers, but never in this context.

Again, we’re waiting for comment from Infinity Ward, but — do you actually play as a civilian-blastin’ terrorist for a segment of Modern Warfare 2? If so, one can only imagine the media sh*tstorm that is soon to follow.

Very curious to see exactly how this scene plays out, if it’s actually from the game and if it’s what it seems to be.–153300.phtml#comment

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